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1 monika.love(*.monika.love)sayori.love(*.sayori.love)natsuki.love(*.natsuki.love)yuri.fit(*.yuri.fit)ddlc.top(*.ddlc.top)ddlc.love(*.ddlc.love)或是ddlc.wiki(*.ddlc.wiki)均为非官方的、非盈利的站点。以上站点在下简称为“本站”。

2 根据Team Salvato之定义,本站属于Fan Work(暂译同人作品) “Fan Work” refers to any content that includes IPs that belong to Team Salvato. The content in question includes, but is not limited to, art, music, animation, writing, videos, websites, apps, and games. The guidelines pertain to any fan work that takes place in the DDLC universe or includes characters, setting, or storyline from DDLC.

3 根据Team Salvato之定义,本站属于“Fan Work That Includes Official DDLC Assets(暂译包含官方DDLC资产的同人作品)”,并要求不允许从中获利。我们会严格的遵守该规定。 Examples of fan work in this category include games, websites, videos, or music that include DDLC assets in them. Any fan work that includes official DDLC assets may NOT be sold under any circumstances, online or offline. No profit may be made from these fan works in any way, except for fan work that constitutes as Fair Use under the United States FAIR USE Act of 2007. For example, a gameplay review video or commentary video typically qualifies as Fair Use. It is the artist’s responsibility to understand Fair Use and design qualifying content.

4 对于非官方的DDLC资产镜像站点(https://mirrors.ddlc.wiki ),则遵守Team Salvato IP Guidelines中对于“Fan Work That Includes Official DDLC Assets(暂译包含官方DDLC资产的同人作品)”之规定。 Direct upload or hosting of DDLC assets is forbidden, except when to be used as part of fan work. No profit may be made from these uploads.

P.S. 在本站引用的一切官方资产均属于Team Salvato,与本站无任何关联。